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Wikipedia says Après is : Going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after skiing. It is popular in the Alps, where skiers often stop at bars on their last run of the day while still wearing all their ski gear. The concept is similar to the nineteenth hole in golf.


Lets be clear, any day shredding is a day on vacation, and every vacation day deserves be celebrated. Fact. We can think of plenty of cause to cheers beers at the end of a successful shred mission. Powder turns were had. Cheers! No broken bones. Cheers! 360’s were landed. Cheers! You don’t have to have a ender-ender, life changing or Instagram-able day. You just gotta be breathing fresh air, taking in the views and swapping stories on the lift. Hell it doesn’t even have to be good: Dust on crust? Windblown ice? Spent the day riding avalanche debris frozen to a mogul field? Remember, if you get 4 laps in, that’s a full day! Laughs and high-fives are a bonus, those two paired is a full blown success. Time for après! Hell, we’re getting worked up just writing about this. We at Airhole don’t condone are encourage over indulgence. But don’t tease us with a frosty pint (or 3) and plate of wings after a day on the mountain. We’re already there.  


Après Do’s & Don’t’s

Do: Untie your boots

Don’t: Take them off. No one needs that

Do: When the beer pitchers arrive, pour for friends first

Don’t: Take from a pitcher you don’t offer to pitch in for

Do: Talk about your epic day

Don’t: Brag about the tricks you know you didn’t land

Do: Ask for the locals discount

Don’t: Ask for the bill, go to bathroom, duck out the back door, and never come back 

Do: Get your snack on. Get your buzz on 

Don’t: Still be in your gear at midnight drooling on yourself muttering about how you’re getting first chair tomorrow

Side note: APRÈS SKI

There was a wave of ’70s soft-porn films produced in Quebec including the memorable Après Ski now considered one of the first "maple syrup porn" cult classics

Best Après

France, Anywhere: All of Europe threatens a good time, but France is best in show, doesn’t matter which resort. When you’re in the Bethlehem of Aprés you’re in for it. Be prepared to be slapped with an awesome time.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec: Well, it’s not France but it tries to be. There’s lots you can get away with here and very little that won’t fly. Most of the barstools were built for dancing. And there’s plenty to be said about the language of love being spoken over a hot mess of poutine. 

Whistler, British Columbia: When in Whistler you’re in Airhole’s back yard. This place likes to party. Hell, there’re who people don’t even ride who’ve moved to Whistler strictly for the aprés. How messed up is that? Check out, El Furniture Warehouse Crystal Lounge is the spot for cheap chicken wings, and Longhorn is Corona central. 

Brekenridge Colorado: Craft Beers will get you lit quick at this altitude. There’s a wide variety of places to let your anorak down and weed’s legal, if that’s your thing. Just sayin’.

Las Leñas, Argentina: The Argentinians know how to do it right, the schedule is as follows: ride, aprés, dinner, rest, and then get out for round two the party usually kicks off again at midnight. You’re going to get your ass kicked here so be prepared.

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