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Coffee Stops

Coffee, man. I tell ya, it is God’s gift to the senses. The aroma, the warmth, the taste, the feeling; most of us can’t live whiteout it (and why would you?). On that early morning drive to the mountain the coffee stop is a travellers sanctuary. All anyone needs is a delicious snack, proper cup and (if desperate) a comfortable place to take a shit. That’s it. The brew its self is key, but we become attached to the whole package, the familiar faces, the atmosphere; all that cheesy stuff. We’re taking the guess work out of the equation, if you find yourself in one of these key North American Mountain towns, here are 10 gems that’ll treat you proper.

Where do I stop for coffee? Dunkin Donuts, cause ‘merica runs on Dunkin!
— Pat Moore
Dunkin' Donuts didn't make the list but we thought we would shout it out since Pat Moore loves it!

Dunkin' Donuts didn't make the list but we thought we would shout it out since Pat Moore loves it!


The best? Heart coffee in Portland, It’s Wille Yli-Luomas coffee shop. I bring his coffee everywhere I go.
— Eero Niemela

Portland, OR
2211 E Burside St.
Don’t sleep: On the coffee. This place is tailored for the true connoisseur.
Resort: Mt. Hood Meadows

Wille Yli-Luoma full part in Picture This.


Mt. Currie Coffee Co. Best coffee in town, open super early for those days you’re heading to a sled zone before first light, and the friendliest staff around.
— Helen Schettini

Whistler, BC
Mt. Currie Coffee Co.
4369 Main St.
Don’t sleep: Double fist your coffee with a Green Machine smoothie, it’s a recipe for shred success.
Resort: Whistler Blackcomb


Mammoth, CA
Looney Bean Coffee & Roasting Co.
26 Old Mammoth Rd.
Don’t sleep: The fireplace is a nice touch and adds to the chill atmosphere. $1 granola breakfast bars are delicious and if you “check-in” you’ll get 15% off your bill.
Resort: Mammoth


Lake Louise, AB
Trailhead Cafe
101 Lk Louise Dr.
Don’t sleep: Coffee is great, and the wrap selection runs delicious and deep. Get something to-go and race up that hill.
Resort: Lake Louise, Banff, Sunshine 


Revelstoke, BC
The Modern Bake Shop and Cafe
212 Mackenzie Ave.
Don’t sleep: Pocket a Mt. Begbie bar for the shred and you won’t miss out on runs while everyone else stops for lunch.  
Resort: Revelstoke


Jackson Hole, WY
Cowboy Coffee Co.
125 N Cache St.
Don’t sleep: The breakfast sandwiches are bonkers here and will get you though any pow day.
Resort: Jackson Hole


Burlington, VT
Maglianero Cafe
47 Maple St.
Don’t sleep: The coffee is the king so don’t get pouty when you can’t find a doughnut here. Oh, and they have a mini-ramp. Yep, a killer mini-ramp.
Resort: Stowe 


Breckenridge, CO
Cuppa Joe
118 S. Ridge St.
Don’t sleep: The new boss coffee in town. They have an oatmeal latte: house oatmeal, spices and sugar in steamed milk over espresso… What?!
Resort: Breck


Nelson, BC
Oso Negro
604 Ward St.
Don’t sleep: Proper coffee and wholesome seasonal foods that’ll keep all your dietary idiosyncrasy’s in check.    
Resort: Whitewater


Starbucks: it’s overpriced, tastes like crap, and makes you shit your pants half way up the gondola.
— Rusty Ockenden

North Vancouver, BC
Bean Around the World
1151 Mt. Seymour Rd.
Don’t sleep: The sausage rolls, not quite the best pairing with coffee, but keep one of these bad boys in your pocket for a lift-line snack. you’ll thank yourself.
Resort: Mt. Seymour

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